ProTecVideo specializes in off-site encrypted video surveillance and the use of Smart Camera Systems. Off-site storage uses redundant cloud based systems to insure your security video is properly maintained and preserved. Smart Camera Systems use advanced software behind the video to create information ranging from system status and intrusion alerts to notifications with video feeds for First Responders during emergencies. All of our systems allow the user to access, control and monitor their devices by computer, electronic tablet, or smart phone.

Experienced installation for Cable, Fiber, and Wireless Transmission

• Security Cameras
• License Plate Recognition Systems
• Alarms Systems
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A Complete Camera Solution

“Protecvideo has provided a complete camera solution for us from planning through installation and service. There understanding of security camera technology made sure we had a system that was right for us”.
Jay H, President


Secures Our Property

“From their first visit,  Protecvideo has worked with us to vastly improve the security of our property and for our clientele.”
Joe M, President


Protects Our Assets

“Our guest, employees, and restaurants’ safety are of utmost concern. The camera systems and service provided by Protecvideo have become instrumental in the way we protect our assets.”
Luis D, Vice President


According to the US Bureau of Justice Statistics, approximately 75% of all crime in the US is property crime.


In 2011, 34.4% of items taken in U.S. household burglaries were appliances and portable electronics.


Police only solve about 13% of all reported burglaries due to a lack of witness or physical evidence.

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