ProTecVideo Safe Neighborhood Initiative (SNI)

The ProTecVideo SNI is an exciting new, whole neighborhood security solution. When a neighborhood, HOA, or residential area becomes a ProTecVideo customer and installs our LPR security cameras at their entrances, we then offer an expandable one camera system to all residents at a greatly reduced rate. These cameras will be focused on a front yard or driveway thus capturing neighborhood traffic. Since all our cameras are cloud based we are able to combine feeds from the entrance cameras and the neighborhood cameras in order to provide video coverage throughout.

This initiative is designed to deter and eliminate the mass spread of criminal behavior that includes burglaries and theft. For an affordable price, we can make neighborhoods safer for residents, their children, and pets.

Our top-of-the-line video surveillance systems will provide residents with an unlimited vision of their surroundings, giving them the peace of mind knowing their property is safe and sound.

Services and Areas Served:
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